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this was sooo good!!!!!! (emma played it beside me and i watched haha) loved seeing those enemies get squished!!! and the whole thing was just like really sweet at the end!!! just WHAT A GOOD GAME!!!


Wow! thank you both for playing!

Ahhh this is so pretty!!! Also Neko x Airi OTP


Thank you both for playing! glad you enjoyed it haha

Woah awesome! Awesome vibes the whole way through, love it :) (wasn't expecting the mother to chase me though, how did you do that?!)

Exits that lead to a duplicate room, with more tiles in it

Oh wow, that's so clever! (I thought I was actually being chased lol)

Hey thank you so much! Glad you enjoyed it

Loved the whole aesthetic <3 The music you picked was also killer and EXTREMELY enhanced the experience. Nice job on everything!