Here is my submission for the Bitsy Mech Jam. 

Music by meganeko and Bossfight.

Arrow keys to move around. Keep bumping to read all the dialogue.


Made withBitsy
Tags2D, Bitsy, cats, jam, Mechs


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this was sooo good!!!!!! (emma played it beside me and i watched haha) loved seeing those enemies get squished!!! and the whole thing was just like really sweet at the end!!! just WHAT A GOOD GAME!!!


Wow! thank you both for playing!

Ahhh this is so pretty!!! Also Neko x Airi OTP


Thank you both for playing! glad you enjoyed it haha

Woah awesome! Awesome vibes the whole way through, love it :) (wasn't expecting the mother to chase me though, how did you do that?!)

Exits that lead to a duplicate room, with more tiles in it

Oh wow, that's so clever! (I thought I was actually being chased lol)

Hey thank you so much! Glad you enjoyed it

Loved the whole aesthetic <3 The music you picked was also killer and EXTREMELY enhanced the experience. Nice job on everything!